Monday, February 18, 2008

reading too many books about teaching poetry

A Few Basic Guidelines for Writing Poetry

if there isn't at least one purple flower in your poem, the reader will get nauseous

if you write your poetry in the bathtub, you might end up with better metaphors

if you haven't rewritten your poem at least 12 times, it's a pile of shit

if a poem doesn't mention the word "cock", it will never get published

if your poetry doesn't have end-rhymes, you're deficient in your education

if a poem isn't about you, it's not important

if you don't recite your poetry wearing something sparkly and/or low-cut, don't bother

if your poetry is about a self-evident truth, you must have been born before 1920

if your poem has bigger breasts than you, hide it in a shoe box in the supply closet at work

if your poetry has too many commas, or if it makes liberal use of exclamation points, you might be dead

if your poem ends up in the shape of a Christmas tree, you must be missing your mother

if you poetry mentions turkey or sliced ham, you should try eating a bigger lunch

if your poem mentions Barbie dolls or their feet, you might need professional help

if your poetry doesn't end with the word "red" or an image of the robot apocalypse, it's unreadable


Radish King said...

I can't get any of my cock poems published.

Christine said...

Perhaps the poem isn't big enough?

PDW said...

i thought the post was hysterical ... and then the comments section confirmed it. this is awesome!

(it's not the size of the poem that counts. it's the rhythm of its meter.)

Shelley said...

outstanding! :-D

jillypoet said...

i knew i needed help. the barbie feet confirmed it. and those are the only anatomical parts in my poems. i'm doomed.