Saturday, February 02, 2008

I just got back from AWP!! It was so great -- I just wish I had had more time to meet with everyone and shmooze before my obligatory sitting by my press's table and pimping my book and after that everyone seemed to be leaving and the fair was just about over. I should have gone on Friday, but I was just too busy grading and painting and writing. I had a fantabulous dress (see below) -- the only problem was that it kept unzipping itself, in a very secret and quiet way. It was so great to talk to all the editors that have rejected me from all their journals! Thrilling! and I felt just a little mean when I told them that I actually HAD submitted, thank you very much, and had been smacked down. But they were all very nice and sold and/or gave me books at a substantial discount or free! Coffee House rules! And Manic D! They are both my best new friends for life. I got a new Brenda Coultas and Jeffery Daniels. Overall, about 25 books and journals and I think I threw my back out carrying them. I found so many places I want to submit to. And so many nice people. Who knew writers could be nice? It seems really strange and counter-intuitive, doesn't it?

Me on the outside:

Me on the inside (zombie cowgirl):

And I found a special journal just for NJ poets -- so I'm going to be forcing my students to submit to them. I mean, submit their work. Ahem.


Valerie Loveland said...

What is the NJ journal (I'm originally from NJ)?

Yes, that's a great dress!

Talia said...

Nice dress, indeed. Interesting with the background patterns, too.

lightrimed:the lark ascending said...

I'm also curious to know where the journal is! :) Hope you're doing well.