Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Selling of the Parts

I contact Ebay to see if I can sell
my left ventricle. Customer service
has a hard time getting back to me,
their emails keep ending up in my
spam folder, so I decide to call
the free 800 number (it's supposed
to be active 24 hours a day) but
then I just get a recording, and the
funny thing is, the recording has
my name on it, it's kind of hard
to understand, there's the noise
of large machinery and race cars
in the background, and I wonder
for the first time where Ebay
is located, is it in a particular
state? I always imagined it floating
in cyberspace somewhere, and when
I picture cyberspace, my ideas
alternate between a cold black
icy room with green numbers floating
by like large dust particles, and a
vast empty white plane, peopled
by tall white men in form-fitting
plastic body suits. Anyway, the recording
says something about Christine
and then something about Beth Anne
and the requirements to become a gold
member, but I don't want to become
a gold member, I keep telling the recording
machine, I just want to find out
how to sell this tiny part, which is
hard because I don't have a very clear
photo, and I'm not sure how much
to charge for shipping.


Jim Murdoch said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this. I envisage it being delivered at a ferocious pace and in a single breath or maybe two. A few years ago I ran across a singer called Meryn Cadell who could easily perform this. She doesn't sing everything so it would work just fine. Have a look at her website here. As you'll see they look nothing much like songs or poems. 'Job Application' is probably the closest to your piece.

Talia said...


Christine said...

Thanks so much, Jim. What a wonderful bit of information.

Thanks Talia!

Casdok said...

Loved it!