Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Hi All

I'm doing a reading on December 9th at 2PM.
It's at the Queens Central Library ---

Central Library Auditorium
89-11 Merrick Boulevard

Phone: 718.990.0700
Directions: You take the F train to
169th Street, walk one block south to 89th Ave., turn right, the Library
fills almost a whole block, the entrance is exactly opposite the Bus
You walk straight to the elevator, take it one flight down, follow the
cards along the wall to the auditorium.

The reading's followed by an open mic, so please come and bring some stuff of your own to share!

These things usually have a big audience, so it would be great to see a few friendly faces in there!

And here's a rewrite of a poem I posted a few weeks ago.

The Fireman's Wife

1. The Dance of the Pink Elephant

Tell me about the bucket,
I asked him, as he stared
at the bucket.

It was a battered, ugly
bucket, stained and reeking
of pus.

He kicked the bucket
into the corner and it tangled
around his ankle, making
a terrible racket. I don't know
what you're talking about, he said,
his hands busy, I don't see
any bucket.

2. The Big House

I always planned
to have a big house,
he said. A big house
and a big black car. No,
two big cars. And you
were always in that house,
waiting for me.

3. His Business Card

I don't understand
why you're leaving me,
he said as I pulled down
the charred curtains and
stuffed them into a garbage bag.

the burning dining room table,
mice with singed tails
stampeded across our cats.

I love you, he said,
and things are
going so well.

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