Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Lots of crap has been happening. But I need to feed you. So here you are.

Disaster Sushi

While I, while it
drops through my chopsticks
the sticky rice round your chin
you tell me about the baby
elephant who tried to get
into your size 12 pants
in the rest room, where
you had taken them off
to air, as that infection
had come back, and with a rash
this time, and I ask if
you're speaking metaphorically.
You blink as if a lizard
had skittled over your brain
and then the light bulb
bursts over your head;
in the shower of harmless,
deadly glass you say
now we're both in the dark,
what were you talking about, love?


Radish King said...

Oh I love this. It zips right along. Thank you, yum.

Christine said...

Thanks. Written in one draft, quickly. NOT based on a true story, but I did have a friend find glass in his salad once. I didn't put it there.

Collin said...

This poem has such a dirty, sordid air about it. I love it.

d. chedwick bryant said...

is that ladybird? very nice.

am visualizing yr poem.

Christine said...

Collin -- thanks, I'm always going for sordid.

D.C.B. -- Yes, you got it! Ladybird Johnson, with a few tweaks.