Friday, August 24, 2007

I took this photo during a short break in a heavy rainstorm.

Also, here's a draft of a poem. Let me know if you can tell where the "action" takes place. Perhaps some of you have actually been there. Or here.

Learning about Mammals

underneath the stairs
the whale grapples with the squid
nothing protects the children from the diorama
the lip of the exhibit comes up
to their knees they step in when
the teacher’s fussing at Greg
and Sheila

on the other side
shake out their pant legs
scratch their scalps
hide in the darkest parts
under the floating animals
dusty mouths the size
of school desks

look at me, he says to her
touching the cool whale belly,
touching his own nose


greg rappleye said...

Lovely photograph and a terrific poem.

I've been to the museum, but, for the record, I don't know anyone named Sheila.

Collin said...

I'm guessing you're referring the Museum of Natural History? What do I win? ;-)

Talia said...

Love, love , love that photo. Why haven't I thought of photographing this weather?

Cheryl said...

Love that light.

Cool museum poem. I can go away happy now.

Valerie Loveland said...

Nice location for a poem!

The photo is creepy in the best way.

Christine said...

Greg-- everybody knows a Sheila. Did you see the squid!!!?

Collin has the first specific and correct guess! He wins a...a.. I'll dedicate a poem to him sometime in the future.

Talia-- Ooh, it's hard. I had to fuss with my camera on 50 different settings to have it come out.

Thanks, Cheryl! I'm glad I made you happy.

Valerie -- I love the NHM. I go there about once a week. And it's free!