Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Coming to Terms with Your Deities
(some text taken from Science in Your Own Backyard, 1958)

Have you ever touched one?  
Chances are that you have.

Did you notice what they looked like,
pressed up against your window?

Blankets spread out between you and the earth.

Bright petals that move without a breeze.

Deities change from one shape to another:
a colonial gentleman
a cocked hat
a crouching lion
a wrecked castle

High up in the air, they appear so soft and fluffy.

Keep a record of the kinds you see each day,
write the names and the number of legs.

You will soon discover a relationship between
the dawn and your deities.

Scientists agree, deities create the atmosophere
in small underground holes.

Have you ever had the delightful experience
of lying on your back?
How did a deity learn to make such a perfect thing?

Are they of any use to us?

They have no backbone.

So many people are afraid of their deities.


Okay, the question is this: if you go to my brand new and improved website, www.christinehamm.org, do you like what you see?
Be harsh. Is it pretty, or just difficult to follow?


Talia said...

I liked it. Nice artwork. Not difficult to follow at all.

greg rappleye said...

I think it looks good.

I also like your new photograph (on this page, at right). You look smart and kind of sweet.

J Crockett said...

well, proprietary domains have more potential (ultimately), but the atmosphere's still here.

& my technical advice is to migrate away from designing frameset pages before it's too late.


Christine said...

Talia -- thanks! I actually added a little navigation bar at the bottom. Some people were getting lost.

Greg -- thanks. I don't know if I want to look sweet. Maybe I want to look mean. ;P

Jesse -- Hello! Nice to hear from you. Um I don't understand your comment. What's a proprietary domain? And what's a frameset? If you mean "frames", I didn't use frames to make the page -- but I did use repeating designs.

Sorry for being so dumb!