Saturday, August 18, 2007


How to Use Your Cup

Is it empty?
Is it full?

These are questions you must answer yourself.

Is it big enough to fit in both your hands?
Is the rim damaged, will it hurt

to put your lips to it?

What does it remind you of?

Perhaps you have tasted something similar.
Perhaps you are in for something new.
Ask your mother if it is safe.

What color do you see there,
what texture?

Ask your parents about the cups
they grew up with.

In years past, people used their thumbs
to measure the temperature in their cups.

When you put your ear to it, what do you hear?


Terry said...

I hear the ringing of stars, I feel the heat from fusion battling the cold of vacuum, I see the red of 3000K

I see that I'm too damned close to my cup.

(sorry, got carried away)

Christine said...

Nice response.