Tuesday, May 01, 2007


girl wolf thin white fingers entwined in stinking fur
flashes of some… color (he’s colorblind he can’t make
it out) a large fluttering surface whipping in the wind
(or the wind she makes by running) whipping like a tail
(a tail) like a shadowy flag a coat of arms a bundle of bones
a collection of grandmamma moans fur sprouts faceward
her teeth root down deeper his teeth root down deeper
white gleams underneath the hood tied under the chin
(sharp as a knife white as a tooth) tied to a tree
the fleas don’t bother her the pink welts small and sexy
tiny nipples all over her throat her basket spills down the path
he lays down before her belly up waiting for a scratch

1 comment:

Joseph Gallo said...

Yes! I've found another voice with soemthing to say. Brava, Christine. Now to spend a month refusing food, water, air, while I catch up on your work.