Saturday, November 04, 2006

Whee! I did the reading at Ear Inn and it was so fantastic! I felt a little outclassed by the other poets, especially Juliet Patterson. She writes the kind of stuff where every word counts and nothing is "talky" or prosey. I hope in five years I can write as well as her. All her language and images were fresh! So I got her book Truant Lover. You must buy, as well.

And I got to meet Kate Greenstreet! Whose blog I've been reading for a while, although I've never linked to it until now. There you go, right at the bottom in the place of honor next to Todd Colby. I did manage to finagle her a bit, so she might interview me for her series on first books. Jenn Tynes was in her series!

I got some pics of my reading outfit. I love the fake hair, and yet it is so very fake and looks rather raggedy at times. I guess people managed to look beyond it -- or just stared at until their eyeballs were numb.

I sold six books. Amazing! Amazing. And almost accidentally stole some back. They were just sitting on a table! so I thought someone had just been looking at them and put them back in my bag. This unwise move resulted in me being chased down the street after I left the bar. "Excuse me, but did you steal the books you just sold me?" Uh. Well. That would be yes.

If you couldn't make it today, there's next Friday night! In Long Island City. At the Women's Studio Center. Details to come.

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Robert said...

Stealing My Own Books must necessarily now become the title of your next book. Congratulations on the reading and selling.