Thursday, November 09, 2006


I'm having a reading/networking event tomorrow at 8PM. It's in lovely Long Island City, nestled securely in the arms (or rhetorical devices) of the Women's Studio
Center, a beautiful art center that welcomes all genders. ALL. There will be chips and
salsa and perhaps some coffee. If pressed, I will bring mint chocolate cookies. And
it's all amazingly free.

I'm reading my new book, The Transparent Dinner (for more about it, go here:, and enouraging all the talented people in the room to network.
You might meet your next publisher, best friend, or bitter literary rival!

Here's the directions. (Personally, I take the 7 to Courthouse Square and walk two
Women's Studio Center Inc.
21-25 44 Avenue
Long Island City -- There's a big green awning sticking out over the street with some
regal looking flower pots flanking it. The awning declares Diego!, as he is our

The Various Nearby Subway Stops:

G to Court Square (From Brooklyn)

7 to 45th Road/Courthouse Square

N to Queensborough Plaza

R to Queens Plaza

F to 21st Street/Queensbridge

For directions on the Womens Studio Website go here:

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