Sunday, November 19, 2006


thumb-smudged face descending in the water her eyes are closed dark hair unfurls to the surface bone buttons close her calico dress dots of white flowers on navy her eyes are closed she sees redwing blackbirds shifting in branches stabs of red at each shoulder the female a brown spot against the black is perhaps only sunlight sifting strong through the maple leaves her eyes are closed her skin bluer bluer she slips deeper into the river her petticoats ripple tiny bubbles like pearls slow rising pearls the current pulls her forward down her eyes are closed her palms open as she spins slowly the laces to her black boots flare out last summer she spun in the wheat first slowly then faster faster palms up to catch the sun arms wide like a tree flung up against the horizon she remembers falling too dizzy to catch herself her eyes closed


Anonymous said...

I really like the force of the music-- pushes all the way to the end. Good piece. Thanks for posting.

Christine said...

Thanks. I worked pretty hard on this one. I'm still tinkering a bit.

Juliet Wilson said...

There's a lot of movement here, very dynamic - I also like the way every part of the poem leads into the next part.