Saturday, October 14, 2006

So my book is now up on Amazon.

I will give a free copy of my book (and free shipping!) to the first six people who write a review for the book on Amazon.

The way it works is: you email me requesting to review it, I send you the pdf file, you read it and post the review, and I send you the book!

I already met this lovely lady, Peggy, who agreed to post review for me.

Wadda' ya say?


Anonymous said...

Ooh. I will do it. Count me in. [None of that was done to the tune of My Humps/Bumps. lol]

Margaret Fieland said...

Christine, I downloaded your pdf over the weekend and started reading -- it was around 11 PM -- and the next thing I knew it was much later and I'd finished the whole first section. These poems are absolutely amazing. I'm in awe.

Oh, and while I'm at it I'm going to rant mildly about the !!! letters for word verification which half the time I can't see properly anyway. Grumble.

EILEEN said...

what a nifty idea. I'll do it if you still need a Amazon reviewer!

Christine said...


Please send me an email at inktastesbitter at, and I'll send you a pdf to review.


Christine said...


Thanks for the review on Amazon! It's so great (ahem, probably better than I deserve) and well-written, too. I'm sending out your copy of the book tomorrow.