Saturday, October 07, 2006

I went to the best reading yesterday at KGB -- some astoundingly brave work also some that was raw some that was funny some that was deadly and did I mention James Frey showed up but I missed all the hullaballo though I did notice there were an awful lot of pictures being taking with this one guy and why does everyone want their picture taken with their arms around him?

Jolene Siana reads from Ogre (click for a bigger picture)

Tony O’Neill reads a completely made-up story about death (click for a bigger picture)

N. Frank Daniels reads from Future Proof (click for a bigger picture)

The reading was by the riot lit collective -- a group of the most gritty, truthful, painful, spectacular and scary writers ever, including two members I’m very proud to actually know --
Jolene Siana and
Tony O’Neill.

I’ve already bought their books -- you should too.

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