Thursday, October 19, 2006

Hey there.

I started working on some poems as a sort of framing device for my next book (I know: Next book? Jesus Christ Almighty haven’t I heard enough about this one; but I have to keep moving! Or like a shark I will sink to the bottom and drown). The manuscript is tentatively titled Lessons in Cannibalism. I had to get away from the adjective noun construction I always use for titles. So here’s a new poemeee. (Shrieks and runs away.)

Your Next Assignment

After reading “The Life of a Vegetarian Cannibal”, please answer the following questions in your notebook.

1) Samantha states that her vegetarian lifestyle is compatible with her cannibalism. Are you convinced by her argument?

2) In the story within the article about Cecilia and her black dog, the author uses several symbols. What does the symbol of the Queen Anne’s Lace on the kitchen counter represent? Can Cecilia’s work at the community soup kitchen be seen as symbolic?

3) Compare the two graphs representing common nutritional deficiencies of cannibals and vegetarians. What vitamin supplements do both cannibals and vegetarians need?

4) After reading about Cynthia’s trouble with Mr. Evans, what do you think she could have done differently? Where would you hide the body?

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