Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Here's some pics from last night at the atomic reading. Okay, technically, before the atomic reading:

I'm like, totally 80's! And I don't think I'm ever wearing a corset again.

I will, though, wear a dog collar forever:

Atomic was great but a little intense. I managed not to mumble or rush, and I felt more relaxed than usual, so that was a personal goal! Also sold some Animal Husbands, several!

And here's some new visual poems -- these seem to be getting more visual and less coherent as the class progresses, but they're still fun:

More explorations of naming in my family.


Amanda Auchter said...

Your outfit it amazing! I'm glad you had such a great time!

Christine said...


Radish King said...

You look gorgeous, but also like you want to cry. Don't cry!

Christine said...

Actually, I'm about to break into a goofy grin. But you're right, I do have the almost crying look on.

Dana said...

Oh, so you don't dress like that every day? ;)

I love the visual poems.