Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Blogsday on NPR asked if they could use my June 6th post as part of their reading/performance this Thursday. I was a little embarrassed (why couldn't I have written a nice poem that day?)but I agreed.

YOu can nominate another blogger who had a good post on the 6th by commenting on the Blogsday site (link above). Spread it around!

I already nominated Radishking and BitchPhd. I was going to nominate more, but I think I've already bothered them enough, what with my pleading that they pretend I posted a poem on that day instead of inspid preening about my reading.

Ah, well.

(Hi, Chelsea)


Scott Glassman said...


That sounds awesome. Here was my poem post from June 6th--


Scott Glassman said...

uh, actually, after reading more about it, they seem to be looking for something more . . . cohesive, I think