Sunday, June 11, 2006

Elegy for the Living Patriarchs

she said, he’s angry at you, and he’s building machinery

he said, there is no twin

She did not say, I have stolen the key to your locked door

he said, there is no twin, your dream was only an empty
pond surrounded by dirt

she said, I’d like to see what’s beyond that door

he did not say, in a nameless country he can do no harm,
all the pictures of him are underwater

she said, my twin is taller, one side of his head is flat,
he has ugly hands and he says his name is Michael

he said, go to sleep now

a cup of pennies from 1955
the sound of a dog trapped in a fence
her half-chewed crayons
a bundle of rusted keys that ring like a bell
buttons from shirts his belly outgrew
a gold locket with the initial “C” scratched off
various muted colors trapped in a jar
the sound of dog trapped

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