Monday, June 06, 2005

I've been kinda blocked lately, since I switched jobs. I usually wrote on my hour and half commute at my previous position -- but now it's only half an hour! (the horror) I'm going to have to start new habits.

The periods are stanza breaks, otherwise it formats strangely.


the second week of October
insects are still
flinging themselves into the street lamps
from the balcony the shadows of bats
are so many errant handkerchiefs at night
there’s no wind

you have a nickname for me by then
something that makes me sound soft
and easily tamed

the stars on the balcony suck at our skin
as I suck on your fingers kneeling
by your chair you read by
the light of citronella candles

and sometimes while you study for
chem finals or write thank you notes
your window closed the lights just twitching on
against the darkening mauve sky
you remember I’m here your green
eyes needles pinning a sleeping butterfly
you reach a palm right here
on the side of my neck as if to steady me

I run my lips over your hair at the crown
I feel a pain in my stomach
a pit of sweetness and I think
this is love this sickness this is what
it feels like
wrapped around each other
in your twin bed
knotted ropes


Tao Lin said...

nice poem

but you didn't link my blog

Christine said...

If you send me your real name I will link to your blog.

Tao Lin said...

your email address doesn't work

Christine said...

dear reader,

or you could post your real name in comment, but I'm beginning to think it has some special power over you, and must be kept hidden...