Thursday, June 23, 2005

Hey, I've been part of this organization for five years, almost since it first started, and it finally happened. As the director of writing division is on an extended leave of absence, the board has nominated me to be the acting head. I know most of you have probably never heard of this place,but the Women's Studio Center has about 300 members from all over the city, and an operating budget of about 100,000. I am now responsible for arranging all the readings, grants, development, events and trainings, as well as editing the new on-line journal.

It's funny; a year ago I started coveting the position but I thought I would never in a million years get it. And now I have it. Temporarily, at least. Jesus.

I'm a bit overwhelmed. Anyone have any experience running a free-standing non-profit art center?


Ivy said...

Umm, take a deep breath and start asking a lot of questions.

You'll be right, mate. :-)

Ivy said...

And congratulations!

Radish King said...

I've never run a free-standing non-profit art center, but I've served on the boards of 2 non-profit arts organizations (an orchestra and a music school) and in other capacities as well, from writing grants to stuffing envelopes and getting people to part with their money. You might want to start recruiting people willing to help and gain experience with the little details that can bog you down. I hope you have a standing list of supports. If not, that's the first thing you want. The readings and events are a piece of cake. Find someone to write grants for you, and to help you edit the journal.

Good luck with this!

Michael said...

First - Congratulations!

Second, this this proves that in te future you should be careful what you wish for and covet - hee he, you might just get it.

Best wishes - I'm sure you'll do fine.

Christine said...

Thanks, everybody!

Ivy -- taking two deep breaths now.

Rebecca -- you seem to really know about this stuff. I'll be asking you more questions in the future!

Michael --

Thanks for the congrats. I think eventually I'll be glad I wished for this.

jose luis said...


(by the way, love your blog. just linked it. hope you don't mind.)

Patty said...


And your blog is gorgeous!