Thursday, May 05, 2005

I enjoy being a girl

pink feathers, pink lipstick, pink toenails, pink rings, pink blush, pink eyelashes, pink skirts, pink thongs, pink flip flops, pink shoelaces, pink combs, pink watches, pink brassieres, pink bandaids, pink sweaters, pink headbands, pink sunglasses, pink conditioner, pink shampoo, pink hairspray, pink toothbrush, pink toothpaste, pink deodorant, pink car, pink house, pink lawn, pink swimming pool, pink tampons, pink feminine deodorant, pink douche, pink KY jelly, pink condoms, pink vibrator, but pull the string, unzip the zipper and turn me inside out and I’m red, red, red the color of a cannibal’s mouth.

Which relates to a very interesting blog I just discovered: my year in pink.

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