Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Enough self-promotion (oh, wait: that's what this whole blog is about, anyway) However, I would be remiss not to mention the great literary events I attended recently.

The Zinc reading series this past Sunday at the Zinc bar, sponsored by Lungfull featuring Brendan Lorber of Lungfull, and Eric Lorberer of Rain Taxi, with a whole bunch of other Brendans and Brandons thrown in there to make it confusing, was fantastic. I'm not usually mesmerized at these kinds of readings, and usually just zone out and start deciding on my outfit for the next day while I'm listening, but these guys were great! I could have heard them for at least a couple hours more.

The Spire Magazine launch party for issue 5(? I think). I finally got to meet Shelly Reed, the editor and founder, who is so nice and charming and unassuming, despite her considerable poetic discernment and critical skills. She was so sweet she managed to coax me into editing a book of fiction for one of her authors. (!) I was flattered but, oh my god, have I taken on enough lately with the classes I'm teaching and taking and the internship! or what?

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