Tuesday, November 16, 2004

So I finally got the word from Daphne G.: my poem is accepted for Homewrecker, a Softskull anthology!

She had this to say about my poem:
"your poem Animal Husbandry spoke to me from the first. It
exemplified exactly what I was looking for in this anthology --complicated, ambivalent, difficult work of the highest literary order."

This is the second time I'm going to be in a collection by Softskull, the first being, The Murdering of Our Years by Mickey Z. Maybe someday they'll consider a collection of my work? Although I doubt it, as my work has been getting less and less "street" the more I write.


Ivy said...

Yay, Christine, yay! Well done and congratulations!

aleah said...

I went back and read the poem. I couldn't agree more with what Daphne wrote. Congrats!

Ivy said...

Thinking about it, you should try SS. You'd be a good fit. :-)