Monday, November 08, 2004

Once again, it's time for the quiz that annoys everybody. And hey people, if you hate it so much, why post the results?

It's new and improved, now with 50% less Sharon Olds.

You are Adrienne Rich, feminist poet who explores
the depths of the lesbian female soul. You
believe real poetry delves into the real self.

Which 20th Century Poet Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

"Real poetry delves in the real self" -- what was I thinking? Was I hitting the crack pipe again?


michael said...

I'm "James Tate", eh?

Clearly, they need to broaden their database.


Christine said...

Hey M,

"They" is me. It's my quiz. If you look carefully at the pictures, they have my website on them.

aleah said...

ACK! Sharon Olds?!

Christine said...

i LIKE Sharon Olds, esp. her old stuff. She's not real popular now, tho'.

aleah said...

Some of her work, I like, I just don't want to BE her. :-)

Udge said...

I turned out to be Wallace Stevens, less than a week after writing a piece about "The Idea of Order at Key West". Spooky!

Ivy said...

I like Sharon Olds. And I've gotten her twice in a row now, like some haunted kewpie doll.

Third Street said...

I found you through Udge's site. Glad to find an interesting poetry site in the blogspotisphere. Check out my site: it's called Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn.

I'm a Sharon Olds who wants to be a little more James Tate.

Shafer said...

I'm Nicole Blackman and I'm HOT. (low whistle)