Saturday, November 13, 2004

Since I'm only a poet, I couldn't take advantage of this, but I thought I'd pass it along:

Novelists Needed for Painful Project
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Date: 2004-11-10, 9:02AM EST

Flux Factory ( an arts organization and collective in Long Island City, is doing a project called NOVEL this Spring. We will build cubicles at our gallery for three novelists. They will be isolated in these quarters for a month. During that month they will complete a novel from scratch. Every weekend there will be public readings. Food and such will be provided. We're currently working to get a publisher or publishing house to sponsor the project and/or commit to publishing the work. We are looking for published novelists and serious writers. Send list of publications if intrigued. Definitely a major challenge and a major commitment. We are not screwing around.

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