Monday, September 06, 2004

Ways to Say She's Thin

Scrawny. Wisp-like. Shriveled. No hips. Looks like death. Gaunt. Slenderized. Nothing to wiegh her down. A twig. Skinny. Flies away when the wind blows. Anorexic. Shrunken. Frail. No tits. Chicken legs. Slight. Breaks easily. Slight. Slim. Narrow. Sparse. Withered. Thinks she's better than us. Spindly. Underweight. Skeletal. Transparent. Size zero. Twiggy. Model-thin. Hairlike. Narrow. Gaunt. Sparse. Spindle-shanked. Scare crow. You can see right through her.

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As Bjorn said...

I liked this, but I guess I don't know what you wish to say to me. Like so many in this culture, I fear what our self-image has become, yet food is often art for me. Is it the self, or the voices from outside the self? Who's fault is it?