Thursday, September 16, 2004

I'm writing about menstruation, I must be Sharon Olds!


chewing spearmint at times like these has been recommended

Or Chicken Soup applied to the abdomen has been rumored
to be salutory

doctors have different opinions a white coat does not mean
they have all the answers your grandmother may prescribe
a certain tea listen to her

at your peril it is important when speaking to a girl
to use plain language pamphlets

can help families women are not so sure

dishes will break hair will come out in fists

it has been compared to falling off a roof or
conversely a visit froman unloved aunt

at all times women have this condition there is no
need for alarm blood is a normal byproduct

the pills you can take now are pale in the
commercial women twirl in polka dot dresses at the end
some of the dots fly away the pills will reduce this difficulty

someday you'll know what all the waiting is for
it is a punch line like most things

in life it hurts sometimes but it can be withstood it causes women
to wail for a presence or an absence religion might be the Answer

there can be an odor when you are in an elevator you hope
no one will notice it is something your mother avoided
talking about to you

there are diverse paper products many packages
are pink some might find the Scented Versions offensive it is

perfectly natural they keep telling you
you know there is nothing perfect

about it much has been rumored it is not
a pretty scandal cheerleaders are especially unforgiving sometimes
they won't let you cheer skirts are lifted parts inspected

it is nothing
that a moment of silence won't

cure women in other countries go off
into the hills sometimes wolves will follow

the modern women carry guns and are not afraid

This is very drafty.


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Hi Christine,

I am glad I came across your blog. I really love the writing.