Sunday, September 12, 2004

I'm writing this article about "The Five Best Galleries You've Never Heard Of" for this new magazine and I get to go around to all these small galleries and decide if they're the best, if they're WORTHY of being written about, which makes me feel a bit like a princess, even if only in my head, and so today, finally, I broke down and asked someone at a gallery if they had images I could use, and they said for what, and I'm like, "cause I'm writing an article? for a magazine?" in my best I'm a-little-girl-don't-take-me seriously voice (hating myself as the words came out)and so they let me interview the curator of their current show, and he was so nice and cool, even though I admitted I wasn't writing for money, and I didn't even know if the mag was a quarterly or monthly! This was the Flux Factory in Queens, not too far from where I live. And they had the coolest exhibit using only recycled materials from artists all over the country. The presentation of the space was better than I expected, having heard it was an informal live/work space, still it measured up to a lot of the places in Chelsea.

And they invited me to their closing party in two weeks. It's like they care what I think!

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Ivy said...

People can be unexpectedly cool sometimes. :-)