Thursday, May 30, 2002

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Since I've joined the N train bloggers clique with the promise that I have local connections to Astoria, I will expound apon these. Mickey Z. is one fantastic counter culture guy. He lives somewhere around the 30th Ave. stop. He has a book, Saving Private Power, a really interesting examination of American propaganda surronding WWII, for sale at He's also publishing a new book, The Murdering of Our Years, about artists and their horrible day jobs, which will hopefully include an essay I submitted. I'm also working on the illustrations for a children's book he wrote and is planning to have published by Seaburn Publishing, if all goes well. Seaburn is a small publishing house based in Astoria. Last but not least, Mickey is my uber editor at Wide Angle, a local art and culture magazine which is due to launch in July. I am Wide Angle's literary editor and ocassional freelance writer. Aki, who runs the funky Sofa Cafe on Newtown Ave and 34th Street ( I think! At least it's close to there, right behind the Rite Aid on 30th Ave), is a great supporter of the arts. He hangs artwork by local artists and has open mic readings as well. He's also the publisher of Wide Angle.

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