Thursday, May 16, 2002

Had a wonderful reading experience tonight, as the opening act for the Funkiest Band in the World (hereafter, FBW) Ladies' Choice. I read some of my new stuff from the past couple weeks. See below for samples.

Very small, but appreciative audience. Mr. Kevin Kearse, the drummer and founder of the band, introduced me as the punk queen of the world, and repeated at least twice that I really had balls. I think both were meant as compliments. FYI, I don't really have balls. But I understand the sentiment. Ladies' Choice plays every third Saturday at the Charleston in Williamsburg. They are soo much fun to watch, and not just because they're pretty young things, but also because they really enjoy what they're doing. I've never seen so many spontaneous smiles in a band. I also had a interesting conversation with Lana (I hope that's right) and Jose after the performance. They both work in the film industry, and made it sound quite degrading, so I wasn't too jealous.

Work is... well, everyone hates me already. They're having meetings to discuss what I do wrong. No pressure though. Snort. Bite me. What can I say. As all my friends predicted, "Christine, you will never find a job that you like."

The Drama Queens article is almost done. It's sort of dragging. I'd love to start the Todd Colby one, however, before you get to B) you must pass through A).

Ouch head. I should never drink. Especially BEFORE i read, as it tends to make me mispronounce words. Although I'm a friendly drunk.

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