Friday, March 12, 2010

My friend Ellis is doing a workshop...

award-winning novelist and Columbia writing professor Ellis Avery presents...

West Village, NYC
Monday through Friday, April 1-30, 9-10am
$20/session. Pay for four in advance, and the fifth is free.

Ellis wrote her first novel, THE TEAHOUSE FIRE (Riverhead 2006) in an hour a day over a period of years. For the month of April only, five mornings a week, one hour a day, she will open her home and writing practice to people who want to challenge themselves to write daily in a silent, focused, community environment. We'll use exercises and give each other a little positive feedback to warm up and cool down, but the core of this practice is DOING the work, not showing it or talking about it. Use peer pressure to your advantage: write your morning pages, or write your novel!

Come write for a few days, come once a week, or challenge yourself to write five mornings a week for a month: all are welcome. For location information and to register, please contact

Ellis is also available for one-on-one manuscript consultation, $80/hour.

coming this fall...
COMMIT TO YOURSELF: a creative writing workshop. Details available on

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