Thursday, March 25, 2010

Genesis 1

a barefoot girl leads a speckled pony
into her room, the pony looks over
his shoulder, constipated or sad

she slowly spreads lotion over her knuckles,
trying to get out the blisters, the bite marks,
listening to women breathe on the other side of the wall

she pretends not to notice his scars,
the way his hair catches in his wine glass,
the way his mouth can't close on one side

she offers him her silk hem, and he chews,
his broke jaw working sideways, until her whole
dress dissolves

until she is naked, until the entire dance floor
vanishes, the stars like little forks, pricking and pricking,
until they are alone and married in the snow


Maria Garcia Teutsch said...

this is an entire chagall painting in one poem.

Gerry Boyd said...

wonderful. it's an odd metaphor skillfully executed. i had my doubts going in but, i have to say, those doubts were soon expelled.