Monday, January 19, 2009

As some of you may know, since I've been shouting it from the rooftops, I got a book accepted by Plain View Press.  So of course I've been frantically putting together covers, cause people judge books by their covers, you know.  Please vote for the one you like bestest.




Vote in the comments, or notes, or on the wall.


Ivy said...

A. :-)

Congratulations! x

Radish King said...




Matt Dioguardi said...

I would go with A as well, but those eye son the plate are pretty hard for me to take. Quite disturbing.

But I guess that the intention? Good poetry disturbs us from our slumber.

Your poems are very lovely, hopefully people will pick up the book whatever the cover and paging through decide they have to buy the book! :-)

Collin Kelley said...

I'm torn between A and B, but leaning a bit more toward B. Congrats on the acceptance! Can't wait to read it.

Mark said...

Way B--best book cover ever!

Chubbs said...

i like A.

C is creepy.

LORENZO said...

I take A! But I'm buying it anyway. Well done CH. All the best.


Radish King said...

Eyes on the plate = Saint Lucy.

Valerie Loveland said...

I like A best and B a very close second.

Christine said...

Radish -- yes, you have your bloody saint stories down. And C-- missing the eyes. Hmmm.

Ivy == Thanks!! I think A is winning the popular vote.

Thanks so much, Matt. Yes, disturbing, but so are my poems.

Collin == thanks! We'll see how the final cov comes out.

Mark -- thanks, that's quite a strong vote. And congrats your self on being a semi-finalist for the Sawtooth.

Chubbs -- thanks. but my poems are creepy, too!

Larry -- thanks so much! I'm glad to hear your writing is progressing.

Val --- Thanks, thanks. Hmmm. B. hmm.

greg rappleye said...

A or B.

Maybe B.

Cool, in any event.

jillypoet said...

congratulations! i like c, but as a buyer by covers, i would buy any one of them!