Saturday, September 13, 2008

David Foster Wallace killed himself. I can't even....

I remember seeing him read when I first moved to NYC at Dixon Place. I remember reading Broom of the System when I was in college. He's three years older than me. He consistently blew me away with everything he wrote.



tearful dishwasher said...

I have worked numberless suicides and I have come to the conclusion that compassion is the only stance that makes any sense.

It is a terrible thing for someone to do, and it is borne by those closest.

A burden that should not be wished upon your worst enemy.

But there are demons loose upon the face of the earth, and there are moments of despair that seem intolerable.

I sometimes wonder what this world would be like if you could not die nor be killed.

we'd be forced to deal with things in a new way.

All best to you. You make this world a richer place.



Ernesto said...

I had no idea he killed himself. I have only read him in Spanish translation, but I love his stuff. Peep. :(

As Bjorn said...

While not a real fan, I recognised his pain adn his humor. My second wife took her phd at Illinois State U. in the early mid 90s and Wallace was sort of her writing buddy for awhile there. She liked him. Life is hard. We do what we must.