Thursday, September 20, 2007

Understanding Your Soul

What kind of soul would you make
with white chalk on sky-blue paper?
It is easy to collect samples
of the soul on paper, on sheets of blue
or gray. What kind of soul
would you make with gray chalk on light gray paper?

Once you have assembled your figures,
you may circle the soul
that is most clearly your own.
Some people like to cut
pictures of their souls from magazines
and paste them on the ceiling.

Some souls may want to talk
to you. Their voices are high-pitched
and quiet, difficult to understand.
These souls can be easily fit
into glass jars with breathable lids.

You may find your own soul
strangely clinging to certain things:
the high-flown tails of horses,
your mother’s hair at breakfast,
the texture of mint leaves in your mouth.

Comments welcome, if you're feeling "soulful".


Talia said...

My 2-year-old drew her soul on black paper with pink, yellow, and blue chalk last week in Sunday School. It now hangs on the fridge.

Nick said...

Yup, this one's got soul. ;-)

Christine said...

Talia-- that's so funny! I got the idea from an old school book about studying clouds.

Thanks, Nick.