Monday, September 17, 2007

(and another postcard I made)

What Happens If

What happens if the blue test tube cracks in her fist? Is she wearing a narrow red skirt under her lab coat? Can they run barefoot? Will she lose her glasses, or will they dangle from one ear? How many languages can she whisper in? Will the explosion fling her to the ceiling, and will she find the violet crystal there? Will her braids come loose?

Will she lose her eyelashes in the bright tumble of the Bunsen burner? Will the voodoo doll ever be discovered behind the table of the elements? Will the radioactive grass overcome them? Will she recognize the complex equations written in chalk across her back? Will she understand the escape route, the simple chart of red arrows, taped to the back of the cloak room door?


Talia said...

Wow. I like Bunsen burner. It brought me back to 8th grade science class. Only it wasn't as cool as this poem.

Rethabile said...

Her braids will come loose, for when have they not?

On another matter, I sent you an email that I hope you did get.