Thursday, January 25, 2007

more vispo
the text is below, if you can't read it

a sphere: how do you change its shape

you will stop both ears tightly and hold a watch

perhaps you
thought of lawn-mowers, food
choppers, and can openers. If you did so, you were still guessing.

These stories, however, are not based on the inclined plane, the lever, the screw,
the wheel and axle, the pulley, and the wedge.

What you have just read might leave you to believe that
the "weather-man" has not been changed by drifting.

all of these devices
shout loudly in your ears:

the earth.

the snow.

hundreds of men.

the rain in the tube past the edge of your hand.

You will understand better
a complicated machine with hundreds of parts.

You can hear the watch quite plainly. Its vibrations
as it travels
lighted by the sun,
living creatures on the moon.

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