Sunday, January 14, 2007

More on St. Clare --

St. Claire and the Astronaut

she knows he’s stalking her
though he changes shape and size

she sees him behind her reflected in the glass
when she’s looking at the Christmas elves at Macy’s

at night, she hears his mechanical breathing
hum suck hum suck outside her apartment
he always arrives around one

once she leaned
against the cold metal door
with its purple handprints asked him
to buy her cream for her special scrambled
eggs in the morning she uses them
to cure the widow upstairs of her arthritis
and blue moods

the hum suck paused and then he clumped
away Claire heard the heavy magnetized
boots on the stairs going down

the next morning the cream was in her refrigerator

sometimes at night he forgets the door
comes right in through the walls hovers
spread-eagled over her bed he whispers
say goodbye to gravity


Anonymous said...

These Claire poems are really fun.

Nice ending on this one.

Christine said...

Thanks! I got the ending from a car commercial.

Anonymous said...

Haha, that's hilarious.