Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I'm so excited! I just got interviewed by a real reporter for my University's newspaper, The Acorn. I got asked all sorts of questions about my writing and was majorly inarticulate. Well, I think I got my point across. I kept getting asked, why did you pick The Transparent Dinner as a title? and all I could say was, cause it's like my poems are about a dinner? That's transparent? Transparent like glass. Um, it's a metaphor you can see through. It's a meal made of glass. It's... it's... it's about meals whose motivations you can see through, like a person whose motivations are transparent?

Oh. God.

Anyway, I have the photoshoot tomorrow. Let's hope that goes a little better.


Amanda Auchter said...

I love valley-girl speak. I say like ALL OF THE TIME when I get nervous and/or tongue tied.

Congrats on the interview -- how exciting!

Michael said...


Resurgere said...

I now notice that you left this post untitled. Don't let this kind of stupid journalistic question cause you to have writer's block about titles.

I once got kind of beat down by this guy standing in line with me to pay at a restaurant because he asked the name of my company and, when I told him, he couldn't understand what the name "meant," whatever that's supposed to mean.

Two things I wish I had said, neither of which he would have understood:

- "We've kind of moved on beyond [name of your city here]+[what kind of business it is] kind of names, i.e. "Mayberry Printing"

- "What does a river in Africa have to do with selling books on the internet?"

I also thought about asking "Who is John Galt?"

Christine said...

Amanda -- thanks! Yes, I grew up quite near the valley. I have been known to say "gag me" more than once.

Michael -- yee-ha!

Resurgere -- nice to meet you. I don't title any of my posts, ever... I like your blog.

Valerie Loveland said...

Congratulations on the interview!

I sound like such a dumbass the second I talk about my poetry with someone who isn't a poet.