Thursday, March 24, 2005

Here's a poem from my book, Discount Heaven, which is for sale at Lulu, and which you should buy quickly, as I'm soon going to make another edition, which will cost more. That's right --- going out of business sale, fire sale, lost our lease, etc.


My husband wakes me in the middle
of the night, asking me about cheeses.
Smell this, he says.
The doorway outlines him
in light from the kitchen.
Is this your cheese? Has it gone bad?

What? I answer, What?
The next day my husband throws away
all the forks, cursing.

He knows I'll buy them again,
but one bit him on the thumb.

The following night, a cat
watches my face as I drift off
to sleep. When my eyes close
he bites my nose, not gentle,
not hard. His cat breath is
sweet with friskies. My husband
snores and ignores him.

The forks will take care of him
in the morning.


This poem was even turned down by the Kenyon Review just yesterday!
Which makes me feel so special.

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