Saturday, February 12, 2005

Sorry I have been neglecting you, blogger-friends, although I have been writing a lot, it's mostly on my live journal, which offers semi-anonymity. One of those sexy pieces I posted there caught the attention of Daphne Gottlieb (the subculture poet I've worshipped since I read "Why Things Burn") and she offered me a chance to be the featured poet on Lodestar Quarterly which she edits. Past featured writers -- Michelle Tea, Mark Doty, etc, etc, famous-cakes.

After I stopped screaming and hyperventilating, I sent her five pieces, which I hope don't make her change her mind.

If I am accepted, because of how "hot" one of the poems is, when you google "Slut", my name will pop up. At least more than it does now. Hah.


Ivy said...

Yay! Congratulations on being a solicited 'slut'! [Wait, that didn't sound right...]

;-) No, truly, that's fantastic. Hurray!

jenny said...

i just posted about daphne gottlieb
today! she has some really great poems in the winter issue of Washington Square.