Wednesday, December 08, 2004

This is a rather long winded post—

I went to the Lorber/Mesmer reading tonight in Brooklyn and was blown away. It was one of the best readings I’ve ever been too—the crowd was friendly and warm, the readers funny and weird enough to keep your attention, and for a least a few minutes, I was totally absorbed by the work. It’s hard to shut out the noise of the everyday to really listen to poetry (and not listen to the other internal voices: hunger, anxiety, the smell of french fries…) but this stuff really pulled me in. Plus, Brendan dedicated a different poem to each person he knew in the audience, a cool trick. Brendan knows I’m a therapist, so he dedicated a poem to me about camp counselors… who cut off kid’s hands. I’m flattered… I suppose? Sharon Mesmer, although I don’t know her personally, was also really great.

And second, it’s on! Wednesday, December 15th, I am hosting a poetry reading at Cup, Astoria’s hottest new restaurant and hang out spot. It features the fantastical poetic stylings of me, among many others. It starts at 8, and the open mic starts at 9. Contact me ahead of time to sign up to be a scheduled reader, or just show up at 9 for the open mic. Contact me at Cup is located right across the street from the American Museum of the Moving Image,35-01 36th St., Astoria,

Also, I want to thank Riley Dog for fixing the problems with the poem. I sort of got my knickers in twist over nothing, come to think of it. There’s a war on, for chrissakes. Why am I such a prima donna.

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steve said...

it is an honour to post your work. you have a right of expectation on how it is presented and displayed.
happy trails