Sunday, December 05, 2004

So, in all the excitement of being nominated for a Pushcart, someone decided that they could post parts of my poem without attribution. To you I say:

While I am flattered that you would cut and paste parts of my poem and present them
incorrectly, I must take issue at the fact that you left out my name. Please add my
name. Please. Also, I would prefer that you didn't choose stanzas at random to include. An excerpt is fine, as long as you indicate when a break occurs.

Who's with me?


Anonymous said...

Schmutzie says:

I am absolutely with you. I haven't posted any of my own poetry to the internet yet, but I do post that of others, and never without a link to their personal pages or, lacking that, a bio or something.

Christine said...

Thanks, Schmutzie. It's also best to ask permission before posting someone else's work.

Michael said...

Christine: I would be furious.

On occasion I have linked a poem elsehere on line, but I would never dream of posting without permission.

onionboy said...
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onionboy said...

I understand your point. On the plus side, it is because of Riley dog that I came to your site at all.

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