Sunday, October 03, 2004

Sleeping Dogs Lie

in the warm curtained room
I want to plumb your creases
thumb the popcorn smell from
between your toes

I want you still as I separate
your parts

pause the room quiet
only the hum of the fan

I want to meld geographies
of skin full length on full
your tongue to mine
your hair pricking my eyes

but you surly child
prefer your dreams
keep preferring
that dream beach
with the violet sun
until I go too


mike said...

Hi Christine
I came across your poetry purely by chance and it transported me to your place for a while. Don't listen to anyone who says you have no talent. You do. Keep writing.It's important.

mike said...

Mike said Hi Christine what he should(have)'ve said was do you know that if you do a search for cream on blogger your site comes up? Yes it does. Well bye now Polanski's Chinatown is on the telly(giveaway). Jack. End. By(e) the way I love "...separate your parts..." that's a phrase full of experience and knowing. keep it up.

Christine said...

Thank you Mr. Mike for your kind comments.