Saturday, October 09, 2004

And here's another (my apologizes for those who sat through 10 rewrites of this one already):


at 4am he's still sleeping
curled up he looks five years old
the sheets wrap him like scotch tape
she pokes him he shivers and whispers
something about seagulls when she leans
close she can smell little boy sweat where
his shoulder and neck meet

something collapses inside her lungs
when he washes himself after they fuck

she can’t get rid of him so easily he’s written
on each cheek when she looks in the mirror
he’s a shard of diamond under her lid when
she closes her eyes at night every time they
fuck he leaves another piece of himself in her
something black and keening cleaves to her
stomach he's so sweet her teeth start rotting
when she looks at him
evil sugar

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