Saturday, August 07, 2004

the parks of New York

on some nights New York smells of

this bench here is the one

the guy (Micheal) was dead

this mitten was lost last winter
near the lake in Prospect Park

this here button is for the pants
that no longer fit her

if by dead you mean still

the idea of eternal everafter reminds me of
the hanging tree in Washington Square

late in the afternoon under the tree he died

this was a bad idea, but she

not all ice cream is alike Hageen Daz does not
exist for example

if by death you mean a sort of loss, transformation

he told me he could control the weather
it was as if it would never stop raining

the lady at the other end
of the suicide hotline was having lunch

injections are mandatory, it seems, in certain ER’s

serene was a word I could use for the river
there over by the broken glass and pigeons

the psychiatrist became afraid and asked me to sit with him

the drought had lasted two years people were starting
to get arrested for watering their lawns

what you break in this life, you pay for
in the next he said

Astoria park has poor ground cover and is often muddy

he jumped from a bridge

if by dead you mean gave away everything
and spoke to god

in Brooklyn there is a small fragrant
enclosed triangle of grass
on Sundays music plays there softly

If by dead you mean gone, then yes, dead.

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