Thursday, August 19, 2004

New poem!


Love is All Around

Your breath this morning, foul, loved

out the window, hammering, overlapping

my tongue so far down your throat I can
Wednesday’s dinner, corn and roses

an old man in army boots stumbles down
a bright alley

marks from previous floods on the walls

stones older than Christ the hum
of flies

screech of birds, unseen

Now I lock myself in the bathroom
and shrink
I am small enough to slip under the door

sneak into the toe of your boot you will wear me
squashed and red a foolish tick

dark around the edges
shadows or burn marks in the bedroom add

the negative space of your forehead my thumb

smoothing your brows
left, right, left


Anonymous said...

It's hard to read on the blog page (It's all squinty! I'm old!) but the poem on this comment page is pretty good. A little gross on that I-can-taste-Wed.'s-meal bit. I'm assuming it's Thurs. morning.

So you linked to my blog (sodaddictionary), thanks, I linked back. I figure you got it from Snider's blog? I think maybe I saw work there of yours once, or maybe a picture. Can't remember. Anyway, looking forward to trying to read your blog in the future -


Christine said...

Thanks, Jason.

Anonymous said...

hiya amy u sexy beast! :D