Monday, February 14, 2011

Finally, another poem. OMG!

My Western, II

The Outlaw Josey Wales. Grace, Idaho.
Red-tailed hawks. A black eye on a girl
hiding behind the corral. A Lady Takes a

Trip-wires for horses. War paint,
eye shadow. A Fistful of Dollars. Cow-
boy hats reeking of smoke and spoiled pork.

Mule deer. Mud Lake, Idaho. Highways
looping over themselves, empty drive-ins.
Coyote brush. Broken stirrups. Bitter

Springs, Arizona. Cigarettes staining the
ceiling of his trailer, his teeth. Pale Rider.
B.B. guns, hand guns, shot guns. Guns with

the serial numbers filed off. Appaloosa.
Star-nosed moles. Robbing the grocery store,
your father’s restaurant. Raccoons. Copper

Beeches. Yellow dust on your tongue, in
the corner of your eye. A Man Called Horse.
Apache, Comanche. Star sedge. A drunk man

singing in the outhouse. A drunk man singing
by the fire. 6 Black Horses. Saguaro cactus.
Condor shadows the size of sinking boats. Black-

tailed jack-rabbits. The Man from Nowhere. Burning
barns. Horses galloping back in. Eureka, California.


The titles in italics are the names of Western movies, or phrases from Western movies. All the town names are real.


Ron. said...

OMG indeed. I'm not sure I fully grock this one but, oy, I feel like I'm gonna hafta rent me one of them hot baths down at the saloon to wash off the traildust.

Solid work, as always, Christine. salute.

Christine said...

Thank you, Ron, for being such a loyal reader. It's nice at least one person out there is reading!

Radish King said...

Oh yum this has such a beautiful mouth feel. Yum. Love it.

ps. Hi Ron two posts above me. You startled me by using grock since I'm reading Stranger in a Strange Land for maybe the 30th time, now on Kindle in order to preserve my hard cover edition.

Christine said...

Muchas Gracias, Ms. Radish!