Friday, January 14, 2011

My Overdose

Not like a river. Not like flying. Not a good taste, anywhere. Not dark. Not like a tunnel, not like a train coming out of that tunnel, with me tied across the tracks, me under the wheels. Not like music, playing softly in the distance. Not like the slang, not like anything misspelled or garbled. No small animals at the fringes. Not in the mouth of a large dog. Not like dragging a piano through the street, a rope around my neck. Not like many soft hands. Not like falling deep into a feather bed from a great height. Not like a film playing in slow-motion across my stomach, across my mouth. A little like a tiger, like a tiger falling from a great height in slow-motion, with a rope around her neck, in her mouth, watched by small animals softly in the distance.


A Thousand Tricks said...

This is a fine ode for the close of the testy year of the Tiger. Watch out for the last swish of the Tiger's tail!

Marissa said...

This is really intense! I really like this one because its so interesting and imaginative. Completely awesome at the detail.

Shadows said...

Really interesting poem...had to read it a few times, but I like it.