Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tourist Visa, II

we can’t pronounce the names of the ruins/ you slip on the steep stones/ I lose a flip flop in the mud/ our t-shirts stick to our bellies/ the hotel bench swells and oozes/ you lose money in your hand/ rain at 4/I can't count in this language/ so many cameras in these ruins/ in the shade of the rock you swim and I watch for jellyfish/ fire ants in our sheets/the sockets spark and fail to connect/ we can't pronounce "money"/ the ruins we try not to see in the shade/ hours chase us through the streets/ rain at 4/honeysuckle swells/ our t-shirts ooze/ the buses chase the ruins/ a damp white smell/ the street names float past us/ the cameras around our t-shirts sweat/I lose/I lose/ the shopkeeper of the ruins standing inside the names of the ruins/the sun a honey-suckle swell/ the buses/the mud/tiendas/ tiendas/ jellyfish in your hand/we can't pronounce "Pepsis"/ in our hands/ a damp white smell

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